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A video download service for Windows

KeepVid is a free all-in-one toolkit program that can convert, edit, and compress both audio and video. With more than 15 years’ dedication in the field, KeepVid has been downloaded and used by more than 100 million users. The program also doubles down as a download manager, so KeepVid can save and organize any video or audio from other websites. You can watch anytime, anywhere.

KeepVid is a one-stop-shop for keeping, maintaining, editing, and organizing video and audio from all across the Internet. If you’re worried about content being taken down, or if you simply want to download media to your local files for later viewing, KeepVid is an easy answer. Saving videos is just a download button away, with available sites including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and Dailymotion.

The program firstly lets videos be recorded, but afterwards the videos are open to edits. You can trim, crop, and reorder clips to your liking, add your own text, or even watermark it. KeepVid also features slideshow and GIF maker options. As a video converter, KeepVid smoothly transcodes between differing audio and video formats, too, so whatever media you want can play wherever and however you want it.

KeepVid’s interface is simple and user-friendly, making for an intuitive product that will take little time to master. You'll spend less time reading instructions and more time editing and converting your favorite videos. After launching the application, downloading a video is as easy as copying its URL address from the search bar. You click ‘paste URL’ in KeepVid’s main window, and the download will begin automatically.

If you’re looking to change your video to a different file format, you just choose the file quality and type the output you want it to have. You then save your newly-named file to any chosen folder on your hard drive. Alternatively, the platform can also put the content of an online video directly to your desktop: you simply open the recording sidebar in KeepVid and press ‘record.’

Besides video download and conversion, KeepVid’s name belies that it also works great for music. YouTube contains lots of copyright-free music that you can can readily download and convert to suit your needs. The platform also features a convenient Music Tag Editor you can use to fix all the missing track or album information in one click. If you’re worried about the legality of downloaded music, KeepVid recommends instead using Spotify, Apple Music, or Pandora.

The short answer is yes; the platform in and of itself is 100% legal. There have been numerous legal concerns surrounding KeepVid, and it all comes down to how you intend to use your downloaded content. That brings us to the long answer: Use of a download video is illegal in the event that users market it for commercial or online distribution.

First and foremost, if a video or audio file is under copyright protection, then use of the file is illegal. Secondly, if you’re a YouTube downloader, the video must be permitted for download and fair use. Otherwise, as per their Terms of Service, users are not allowed to download it. If you don’t see a “download” icon or link displayed under the video, it is only viewable on YouTube.

As far as security is concerned, KeepVid is safe software to have. It’s download process does require Java installation, and that does come along with the requisite toolbars and ads. You’ll also receive warnings when Java loads videos, but these, along with the toolbar and the ads, can be toggled off through the installation process or with a third-party extension.

KeepVid may also occasionally contain hyperlinks that take you away from the site. These are meant for convenience but can be irritating if you’re looking for official internal information. If you keep your time on the initial website relegated to simply downloading the launcher, there shouldn’t be a problem. If you’re still concerned about security, we recommend installing strong antivirus, or you could try a different program.

There are many other online video downloaders on the market, and whether you use KeepVid instead of the competition comes down largely to your preferred platform and personal choice. 

SnapTube is one such program, and, like KeepVid, is also free. SnapTube is an Android application that serves as a means for video and audio conversion. It can also download videos from multiple sources like Dailymotion, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

What separates KeepVid from the competition is its grasp on the video market. Since its creation over fifteen years ago, KeepVid has striven to catalog the descriptions of any website that allows the downloading of videos. It keeps track of which sites people tend to frequent and maintains those statistics to better angle its own platform’s function.

Due to its high-speed downloads and HD support, SnapTube, on the other hand, is the better choice when downloading on mobile - especially if you’re pulling from YouTube. YouTube’s frequent use of HD, Ultra HD, 2K, and 4K make high-def support a must for any online video downloader. Since 92% of downloaded videos come from YouTube, SnapTube is an excellent alternative.

In more faculties, however, SnapTube and KeepVid are very comparable video sharing platforms. Both are free-to-use, intuitive programs that make it easy to do a very straightforward function.

If you want reliability and versatility, KeepVid is better. If you want speed and HD support, you should go for SnapTube. On KeepVid’s own website, they recommend YouTube Go if you consistently want to download videos from YouTube specifically.

If you don’t mind the added toolbars and ads that follow the obligatory Java installation, KeepVid is good at what it does. 

It downloads quickly and consistently, converts without a fuss, and even has some nice add-ons like the record-to desktop feature. It must be said, however, that downloading videos is always a risky business, but if you’re confident that you’re within legal boundaries, KeepVid makes the rest of the process easy.


  • Legal download of allowed media
  • Easy to use
  • Great for managing music files
  • Quick edits to video


  • Requires Java and requisite baggage
  • Legality prone to user error
  • Numerous alternative programs

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KeepVid for PC

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